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0610 BRT // 0510 EDT Master Packager – How to Solve 10 Common App Packaging Problems Better in 2024

Understanding how to package applications is still a valuable skill to have in 2024. Let me show you how you can save time and money by knowing what to do when facing these 10 app packaging problems. After this session, you may want to uninstall ORCA.

0630 BRT // 0530 EDT Marius Sandbu – Microsoft Global Secure Access

How to provide secure access to “almost” any application using Microsoft Global Secure Access” in this session Marius will dig more into how you can use Global Secure Access both to access internal applications over a wide range of protocols allowing you to replace VPN solutions and improving Conditional Access to manage access.

0720 BRT // 0620 EDT deviceTRUST – Never Trust – Not Even a Session’s Description!

Zero Trust has been a buzzword concept for years now. It feels, that principles are ripening and awareness as well as acceptance for the idea rise and manifest. We’ll discuss how and why you’ll want to know more about your devices in your digital workplaces. And we’ll see if never trusting is actually a thing.

0740 BRT // 0640 EDT Bjørn Riiber – How End User Computing has gone from Click Ops to Automation for example with the use of Microsoft Azure

End User Computing (EUC) has evolved dramatically over the years, transitioning from manual processes to highly automated systems. This transformation has been significantly accelerated by the advent of cloud computing, particularly platforms like Microsoft Azure. Azure Cloud as one of the three biggest platforms has played a pivotal role in empowering organizations to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and deliver seamless user experiences. By leveraging cloud’s comprehensive suite of services and capabilities, organizations can streamline EUC workflows, improve operational efficiency, and deliver superior user experiences. As businesses continue to embrace digital transformation, cloud will remain a key enabler, driving innovation and agility in the ever-evolving landscape of End User Computing.

0830 BRT // 0730 EDT eG Innovations – Observability for Modern IT

Explore eG Innovations’ cutting-edge observability solutions in this technical session tailored for IT professionals. Amidst the challenges of ensuring optimal digital user experience, delve into the complexities of application performance issues like slow response times. This session delves into a comprehensive observability solution for modern IT environments. From virtual desktops to web-based applications and cloud services, learn to monitor diverse landscapes from a unified console. Discover how advanced observability enables proactive identification and resolution of performance bottlenecks, enhancing digital user experience across platforms.

0850 BRT // 0750 EDT Dave Brett – Citrix Prolile Management Performance

Let’s dive into Citrix Profile Management Container based profiles and how they perform with Nutanix Files. We will look at some best practices, configuration options and the impact on performance and maybe even finish with some freebies.

0940 BRT // 0840 EDT Goliath Technologies – Leveraging AI & Automation to Achieve Observability across Hybrid Multi-Cloud Environments

For all the effort by IT teams to simplify, the tech stack has only gotten more complex, and resources are increasingly constrained. As most organizations are landing on a hybrid approach to delivering IT, this introduces new challenges for ensuring a quality end user experience. In this session you’ll see how to #1 Leverage AI & automation to augment resource constraints #2 Quickly identify root cause of EUE issues across HMC environments and #3 Use empirical data to document actual end user experience – absent emotion and subjective surveys.

1000 BRT // 0900 EDT Ola Ström – Using Windows 365 Frontline Beyond Shift Workers

Windows 365 Frontline is a key feature of Windows 365 to enable use cases where the users might not need or work from their Cloud PC all the time. It introduces the possibility to use pooled licenses and is heavily marketed towards shift users. But what can we do more with the Frontline version of Windows 365? Join Ola as he explores what great things you can do with Windows 365 Frontline and learn how it differs from the regular enterprise version

1050 BRT // 0950 EDT LoginVSI – Navigating the Uncertain Waters of EUC

In a time where the EUC landscape is constantly being reshaped by significant events – VMware EUC’s spin-off from Broadcom, Citrix’s move to privatization, and the evolution of Microsoft AVD and Windows 365 – organizations face unprecedented challenges. This session explores actionable insights and strategic approaches to not only survive but excel in creating exceptional experiences. By the end of this session, attendees will be equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to make informed decisions and leverage opportunities in a landscape marked by uncertainty.

1110 BRT // 1010 EDT James Hsu – Delivering exceptional user experiences anywhere with Citrix HDX

For over three decades, Citrix has been at the forefront of enhancing the user experience in app delivery. We are committed to delivering exceptional experiences across all devices, networks, and locations. Discover the latest advancements in HDX technology in our upcoming session. We invite you to join James Hsu (Dir Product Management HDX) and unleash the full capabilities of HDX within your VDI/DaaS environment.

1210 BRT // 1110 EDT ControlUp – Effortless Integration: Proactive Monitoring Strategies for VDI and Teams

Do you use VDI on-prem? What about in the cloud? Maybe you’re transitioning away from one hypervisor to another? How can you get a grasp on the health of your environment? ControlUp’s real-time monitoring and remediation capabilities can give you superpowers to keep you connected to the pulse of your environment. Whether it’s Citrix, Horizon or AVD, or unified communications like Teams, ControlUp covers all the bases. I’ll show you how ControlUp can help and we’ll demo what’s new with ControlUp Real-Time DX version 9.0!

1230 BRT // 1130 EDT Doug Finke – PowerShell and AI: Pioneering Integration with OpenAI’s Technologies

Explore the cutting-edge integration of PowerShell with OpenAI’s ChatGPT and AI Assistant, revolutionizing script automation and AI interactions. Discover how PowerShell modules are bridging the gap with AI technologies, bringing sophisticated AI capabilities into the realm of automation.

1320 BRT // 1220 EDT Citrix – Introducing Citrix uberAgent

uberAgent is now part of Citrix! Join us for an insightful session where we will share the vision behind the uberAgent acquisition, its seamless integration into the Citrix platform, and how it aligns with the goals of the Citrix observability solution portfolio.

1340 BRT // 1240 EDT Mike Streetz – NetScaler Authentication Cookie Theft; Detection and Why Mitigation is not so Easy

Since Citrixbleed there’s been a lot more eyes on NetScaler session cookies and how stolen cookies can lead to session takeovers. In this session I will be discussing indicators of session takeover, showing how a stolen authentication cookie can easily be reused, and suggesting measures to mitigate against stolen cookies and why that might not be as easy as just turning on the NetScaler Web App Firewall

1430 BRT // 1330 EDT Parallels – Parallels and the Ongoing Journey into Choice and Simplicity

Parallels has always been about choice and simplicity. Whether that’s running multiple Operating Systems on MacOS/Chrome, delivering applications and desktops with a few hours both on-prem and in public cloud seamlessly or securing access to your enterprise apps without the need for a VPN. In this Session, Chris is going to continue that theme to walk through some of the next phases in that journey. You’ll see some cool updates and integrations within Parallels RAS as well as two (yes two!) new Public Cloud product launches which have happened in the last 2 months Parallels DaaS and Parallels Browser Isolation. Don’t miss it!

1450 BRT // 1350 EDT Christiaan Brinkhoff – What’s new & next for Windows 365 and AVD

During this session, we will review the Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop roadmap. What’s the vision around Cloud VDI and Cloud PC and how do both AVD and Windows 365 compare? We will answer this and also talk about new features you haven’t heard of before. This session will include loads of new insights, technical depth, and also fun!

1540 BRT // 1440 EDT 10ZiG Technology – Single-Vendor Endpoint Strategy to Deliver Endpoints for VDI, DaaS, SaaS & WebApps

You may be aware of 10ZiG as a Thin & Zero Client hardware vendor (which is still very much the case), but do you know about our range of software that pulls everything together? In this session, learn about our in-house developed secure OS platforms, our FREE Repurposing Software & our FREE Cloud Ready Management Tool that allow you to deliver an endpoint strategy that is agnostic to the choice of hardware, platform, and the physical/geographical location of the workforce.

1600 BRT // 1500 EDT Jakub Piesik – Build an Environment for your Developers using Microsoft Dev Box

On this session I want to show you how to build an environment for your Developers or different users which require non-standard configuration of machines – depending on the hardware and the software. They will be able to create machines without any of contact with IT departments and work on them almost as soon as machine will be created. Finally, after the session you will know how to build a POC of Microsoft Dev Box for your Company.

1650 BRT // 1550 EDT Patrick Coble – How Attackers Break into Your Office

This session will dive into some security testing war stories from prevalent methods used by the attackers and the things you can do to block them. Some of these attack experiences are from engagements Patrick has engaged in with others from the Hacker Community. Hear about everything from How to Break into Buildings, Defend Your Lobbies, How Phishing Works, and finally, How to Help Protect Your Deployment from some of these attacks.