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Dave Finch

“The study guide has been a great asset in helping me pass my Citrix CCEE exam, 1Y0-A25. It’s also been a great tool for developing focused checklists of things to do for a production deployment. Thanks for your work!”

Dave Finch, Albuquerque - United States
David Halfdan Haugli

“One of the best investments into my own career, comes from this website. And thanks to, I have learned a lot about Citrix XenApp, XenServer. Finally passed my Citrix XenApp 6.5 Exam, after going through a lot of the videos in here, and a big thanks to Eric for always answering my questions. You guys are excellent!”

David Halfdan Haugli - Norway

David Halfdan Haugli, Norway
Marko Novakovic

“I have experienced the fastest Return On Investment in xenapptraining with Eric. We have solved a big issue in a complex environment by email in a total of 4 answers. That was fast, efficient and effective troubleshooting, the BEST that I ever experienced.”

Marko Novakovic, Switzerland
Why This Course Is Like Nothing You’ve Seen Before:



My Citrix Video Training Course is revolutionary and like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Whenever you’re setting up a new Proof of Concept or a new Production Environment based system, I’ll hold your hand and coach you through the setup and configurations step-by-step.

Whenever you have problems, I’ll be there to help you. You’ll have personal contact with the instructor. This is Citrix Expert Consulting Services for free!

What makes this course ground-breaking is the opportunity to request new training videos. I constantly add new videos every month covering new products and updates from Citrix. The Membership video library grows bigger and bigger every month.

90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Customer satisfaction is my Number #1 Priority. If, after you purchase this product, you feel for any reason that it fails to live up to my promises (or even if it does and you just changed your mind), simply contact me and I’ll immediately and cheerfully give you a 100 percent refund – no questions asked!


I’ve more than 18 years’ experience as a Citrix and Microsoft Consultant and I’m certified as both a Citrix Certified Instructor (CCI) & Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). I’ve been awarded Citrix Technology Professional (CTP), Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), Nutanix Technical Champion (NTC), VMware EUC ChampionAtlantis Community Expert (ACE) and Very Important Parallels Professional (VIPP).

You can get access to this video course that was originally created to train our professional consultants on Citrix and prepare them for the CCA, CCP and CCE exams. Inside the Members Area you will learn everything you need to get your system up and running very quickly with access from anywhere in the world. All the videos provide you with step by step configuration, resources and Best Practices Group Policy & Citrix Policy templates.

I keep evolving the course over time based on your feedback and questions, which I believe makes very valuable. This course is unique and is like nothing you’ve seen before because it’s based upon field experience and customer feedback.

Here Are Just Some Of The Amazing Features


Monthly New Videos – Latest Modules


Lab Setup – Fully Automated


iStock_000011394122_SmallTo get the full potential and hands-on experience it’s highly recommend to setup a lab. You can run any type of Hypervisor (Hyper-V, XenServer, Nutanix or ESXi) on dedicated hardware or run it on top of Hyper-V, VMware Workstation, Fusion, Parallels etc.

The Automation Framework will make this feel like a walk in the park.

Let’s say you want a full Citrix XenDesktop 7.17 environment with Microsoft App-V 5.1 controlled by FSLogix and App-V Scheduler. You also want 3rd party monitoring tools like ControlUp and uberAgent. And finally a couple of Windows 10 v1709 test machines with Citrix Single Sign On and Start menu integration predefined.

The Automation Framework will deployed and configured, almost automatically in a couple of hours instead of days. Not just the Citrix part, but all required integrations with 3rd party software.

NEW: Now supports VMware Horizon and Parallels Remote Application Server.

Infrastructure as Code

Reduce The Need For External Consultants

Setting up a Citrix environment is complex and not easily learned in a traditional course. Based upon more than 18 years of experience you’ll literally be able to watch over my shoulders while I build a completely new Citrix environment from scratch. This course include products from Citrix, Microsoft and 3rd party vendors.

I’ve put all the pieces together and will teach you the workarounds for well-know bugs that are hard to find and not well documented.

This will save you tons of time, money, frustration and reduce the need for external consultants.

Unlimited Free Support

With thousands of tickets closed in an average of 12 hours you know I’m here to help you out anytime, from any device.

Stop scratching your head when stuck, rely on my 16 years of experience to get you off the hook.

I’m using the best Help Desk Support Software available to make sure you get the follow up that you deserve.


Every month I host webinars over at interviewing Industry Experts on various hot topics and products. As a member you get an exclusive access to the whole webinar library available for instant streaming and download.

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