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0610 BRT // 0510 EDT PolicyPak – You Gotta Try This

See what Carl Webster, Citrix CTP means when he says “You owe it to yourself to look at PolicyPak Software!” 20 minutes isn’t enough, but during this demo you’ll see how to manage all your Applications, Desktop, Browser, Java, and Security Settings. Works with Citrix, desktops, laptops, VDI.. anything Windows! No infrastructure, and up and running in 5 minutes. Don’t miss this session. Presentation by Jeremy Moskowitz, PolicyPak CTO and Microsoft Group Policy & Management MVP.

0630 BRT // 0530 EDT Christiaan Brinkhoff – MSIX app attach – The Future of App Delivery in Windows Virtual Desktop

With MSIX app attach, you no longer need to maintain multiple master images for different applications – or package all applications into a single image. Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session 2004 makes it even easier to use MSIX app attach since the APIs are now part of the OS. Learn everything about it, including new recent updates to make the product easier to use.

0720 BRT // 0620 EDT uberAgent – What’s new in uberAgent 6

uberAgent 6 changes a lot – what’s in it for you? In this session, Helge Klein shows the new endpoint security analytics product, the upcoming macOS agent, the much-improved network monitoring capabilities, and all the other exciting features that you’ll want to try in your lab.

0740 BRT // 0640 EDT Erik Bakker and Henry Heres – Modern authentication glued together with Microsoft, Citrix and VMware

In this session we are going to combine Microsoft ADFS / Azure with Citrix ADC and VMware Access and provide multiple scenario’s into modern authentication. Expect tips, tricks and a lot of demos.

0830 BRT // 0730 EDT Workspot – How To: Land and Expand; Backup and DR; Seamlessly Across Multi-Cloud Regions, Globally

The quicker and more successfully you complete each initial cloud desktop deployment, the sooner you’ll be deploying your next several use cases. Learn how the Workspot Cloud Desktop Fabric acts as an abstraction layer between your business objectives to delivery cloud desktops and GPU-accelerated cloud workstations -and- all the details required to deploy, monitor and maintain cloud desktops and workstations in any region of Azure or Google Cloud, globally. This very same cloud-native architecture also provides cross-regional cloud desktop backups and disaster recovery – built-in.

0850 BRT // 0750 EDT Dave Brett – The Intersection of Security and User Experience

In this session we will look at the challenge of securing your EUC environment according to your business needs AND keeping your users happy.  Often a difficult thing to do!

0940 BRT // 0840 EDT eG Innovations – New Capabilities in eG Enterprise v7 and How We Monitor End User Experience for Any IT Service

eG Enterprise version 7 introduces extensive capabilities to monitor end user experience for any application: native Windows applications, Citrix/VDI, Web Applications and Cloud services like Microsoft 365. Also eG Innovations now offers an extremely flexible delivery model where customers are able to have eG Enterprise on-premises, partners can offer it as a multi-tenant Monitoring As A Service offering and eG Innovations offers eG Enterprise as a fully SaaS based service.

1000 BRT // 0900 EDT Eric and Claudio – Multi Site Lab Setup – Notes from the Field

In this session you’ll learn about how we have designed a multi-site, multi-cloud lab setup to mirror Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Infrastructures. This includes both Public (Azure, AWS and GCP) and Private Clouds.

1050 BRT // 0950 EDT Goliath Technologies – How to Troubleshoot Slow Session Performance for Remote Workers

Learn how Citrix’s ICA/HDX protocol ties directly into session performance and can reveal when remote worker behavior is the root cause of slow session performance.


1120 BRT // 1020 EDT Anton van Pelt – Deploy and Manage Your Environment with Terraform and Ansible

In this Infrastructure as Code session Anton will explain how to use Terraform and Ansible to (agentless) deploy and manage your infrastructure across different cloud providers like AWS and Azure.

1210 BRT // 1110 EDT Parallels – How Parallels RAS works in Multi-cloud environments

In this session we will explain how Parallels RAS can be deployed in multiple clouds with very little efforts and leverage auto-scaling capabilities to optimize resource and cost.


1230 BRT // 1130 EDT Marco Hofmann – Create Unattended Setups with AutoIt When no Silent Setup Switch is Available

When creating automated (Citrix) Master Images for MCS or PVS, you often encounter software for which no MSI and EXE silent switches are provided – and the vendor refuses to cooperate. In this session, Marco Hofmann will show you how to write simple unattended AutoIt installation scripts that can automate installations for tools such as the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit.

1320 BRT // 1220 EDT ControlUp – What’s New from ControlUp – Citrix Cloud, WVD & Web-Based Management

Do NOT miss this session! Yoni Avital, ControlUp’s COO & Co-Founder, will debut brand-new features and exciting new releases that will revolutionize the way you manage your EUC environment.

1340 BRT // 1240 EDT Julian Mooren and Ben Splittgerber – Scale out Home-Lab

In this session we are going to talk about the implementation of a hybrid EUC-environment. It will not be hosted on one of the common platforms like an Intel NUC or similar form factors.

1430 BRT // 1330 EDT Automai – Load Testing and Continuous Monitoring the Automai Way

Why Load Testing should be part of your Life Cycle management along with Continuous Monitoring of User Experience. How Automai makes these easy to deploy and maintain.

1450 BRT // 1350 EDT Mads Petersen – An Introduction to Application Firewall and Bot Management

In this session Mads will give an introduction to Bot management which is one of the new features in the ADC v13 firmware, learn how stop a lot of traffic going to your backend servers, just by blocking bots. We will also a look at Application firewall and Mads will share some tips and tricks.

1540 BRT // 1440 EDT VMware – Why VMware Horizon VDI Admins Should not Ignore Workspace ONE UEM

If you’re a Horizon VDI admin, you probably think that VMware Workspace ONE UEM has nothing to do with you. After all, managing mobile devices and laptops is done by a different team, and besides, isn’t one of the main points of using VDI the fact that you don’t have to care about client devices? Certainly when VMware bought AirWatch six years ago, a lot of us were scratching our heads. However, a lot has changed in six years, so in this session, Brian will look at all the ways that Workspace ONE can help and enhance your traditional or cloud-based Horizon VDI / RDSH environment.

1600 BRT // 1500 EDT Eltjo van Gulik and Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk – The Real User Experience from a Cloud Workspace

The user experience is not determined by the cloud workspace alone, but the connecting device has a huge role as well. This session shows the REAL user experience from various connecting devices on a cloud workspace. Learn from industry experts Ryan and Eltjo how you can size your cloud workspaces and delivery the best user experience to your end users as they take you through the latest insights from the GO-EUC community.

1650 BRT // 1550 EDT LoginVSI – Azure Windows 10 Multi Session Performance Analysis of D-series vs. NV-series

Lately we’ve done some testing to compare the D-series v3 instances of Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session with NVas v4 instances. In this session we’ll review the key takeaways and look at how Login VSI is using Login Enterprise to test Windows 10 and M365 Apps.

1710 BRT // 1610 EDT Kasper Johansen – Providing a Secure and Modern Internet Browser in Citrix VAD

In January 2020, Microsoft released their new Edge browser based on Chromium. Internet browsers are among the most used applications in an EUC based setup, so how do we configure this new internet browser to provide a secure and user friendly experience? Join me to get an overview on how to configure the new Microsoft Edge browser.

1800 BRT // 1700 EDT Tricerat – It’s not Only About the End User: Why System Administrator Satisfaction Should be a Focus in Your Organization’s IT Strategy

Now more than ever, sys admin satisfaction should be considered a focus in every IT department’s strategy. In this discussion, John and Andrew will explore why sys admin satisfaction directly ties to your organization’s success. Findings from Tricerat’s yearly study, The State of System Administration will be examined including individual insights for both the employee and organization, most used virtualization platforms, what the number one thing sys admins wish their employer gave them, and more.

1820 BRT // 1720 EDT Dane Young – Lessons Learned from a 30K User Horizon RDSH and VDI Deployment

Very large environments are those that can gain the most value from a virtual app and desktop deployment, benefiting from simplified management, improving ROI, and enhancing end user compute security and compliance. But they can also be the most daunting to design and implement. What if your task was to design and implement a 30,000 user VMware Horizon Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment? Where would you start and how would you avoid common pitfalls and obstacles? In my upcoming presentation, I’ll share how we were able to tackle such a challenge, resulting in tremendous outcomes for this large enterprise customer.