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0610 BRT // 0510 – LoginVSI – Login Enterprise

Change is constant but how can you make sure your business-critical applications still work and perform while you are altering your platform continuously? In this session we’ll present the new Login Enterprise, not just PowerPoint but a real-world use on things we’ve recently uncovered at customer sites and in the cloud.

0630 BRT // 0530 EDT Benny Tritsch – Measuring Remote End-User Experience – What Users Really Want

The performance of a computer system or its individual components can be measured in well-defined metrics, also called performance counters. But there is no simple way to quantify perceived remote end-user experience in an objective manner. This session helps you to understand what aspects in a remote desktop environment make the difference between good and bad perceived end-user experience. See example results collected during real-world remote desktop tests performed with the community-driven REX Analytics benchmarking framework.

0720 BRT // 0620 uberAgent – Ever heard of uberAgent’s custom script framework?

In this session you learn about real-world usage of custom scripts, explore the gathered data in Splunk and build your first own dashboard. And of course, there will be a lot of PowerShell! Oh boy, it’s powerful!


0740 BRT // 0640 Neil McLoughlin and Leee Jeffries  – A Scouser, Manc and Sothern Softy Walk into the Cloud

As cloud providers become more prevalent within the IT industry, it’s becoming more difficult for businesses to make decisions on what provider may be best for them. We aim to demystify some of the facts around the benefits that the different public clouds provide for the EUC space and for virtual desktop in general.

0830 BRT // 0730 EDT Nutanix – Become the Q of James Bond with Nutanix Xi Frame

Nutanix Xi Frame is a DaaS solution that can use multiple clouds (Azure, GCP, AWS and Nutanix AHV) and provides simple yet very powerful access to Windows applications and desktops through a browser. Ruben Spruijt, Technologist at Nutanix and former Frame CTO, will demo how high-end graphics tools, resource demanding software, and classic office productivity apps run and scale easily with Frame. You’ll see how easy it is to deliver a great experience for developers, admins, and users alike. It will be an awesome and demo packed session with some nice surprises.

0850 BRT // 0750 EDT Rody Kossen and Patrick van den Born – Remote graphic workloads and clients (2020 edition)

As we add advanced GPUs to our virtual desktop environments, delivering the best user experience requires tweaking of remote display protocol settings like quality, compression, chroma subsampling, not to mention vendor-specific settings. But what about the different clients?

In this intermediate-level session Rody Kossen and Patrick van den Born will show you the difference in user experience between clients and workloads. You’ll learn:

• The most common endpoints and remote display protocols
• Why the choice of client is dependent on the type of workload
• Which display protocol settings can be used on which endpoints

For the 2020 edition we’ve updated the session with the latest Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, VMware Horizon and Xi Frame protocols. You can also expect details about Windows Virtual Desktop and clients. YouTube Playlist.

0940 BRT // 0840 EDT eG Innovations – Citrix Monitoring Made Easy with eG Express Cloud

While monitoring the performance of Citrix ecosystems can be complex, getting monitoring up and running doesn’t have to be so. This presentation will focus on the newly introduced eG Express Cloud, a fully automated, 100% SaaS solution for end-to-end Citrix performance monitoring from eG Innovations. You will see how you can get Citrix monitoring implemented in under 15 minutes, get detailed insights into all aspects of Citrix user experience including the latest monitoring capabilities for Citrix WEM, AppLayering, Adaptive Transport, etc. We will also show how real-time topology and geographical views to help troubleshoot Citrix issues in minutes.

1000 BRT // 0900 EDT Ben Splittgerber – The Power of Affordable or free 3rd Party Solutions in Hybrid Workspaces

Having a single always up to date minimal Citrix Golden Image by combining MDT, App-V and FSLogix. All Browsers and Admin Tools are virtualized or masked with FSLogix App Masking. No SILO vDisks are required. Everything except MDT is platform neutral and works on any infrastructure or cloud.

1330 BRT // 1230 EDT Liquidware

Distributing applications through constant base image management can be time consuming and frustrating. You may have tried application layering in an attempt to solve this challenge, but have you tried the industry-leading innovations in the Liquidware FlexApp Layering solution? FlexApp Layering overcomes the challenges of layering by focusing on applications first. Learn how you can quickly package an application once and enjoy true elastic layering across OS versions. Attendees will also see FlexApp’s exclusive Click-to-Layer on-demand layering in action and learn how to hot-add an application to Citrix Virtual Apps (XenApp) without a server reboot!

1120 BRT // 1020 EDT Ruben Spruijt – Become the Q of James Bond with Intriguing Insights in Workspace Developments

“I have spoken: I love my slow, badly managed and insecure workspace!” said no one ever. The modern workspace is the engine of the digital workplace for today’s workspace, this is the way! It truly is great to work in End User Computing with intriguing developments such as Desktop as a Service, Windows as a Service, VDI, Public Clouds, GPUs, User Experience Monitoring and more. Ruben Spruijt – Technologist at Nutanix and former Frame CTO – will share his insights for the future workspace. You’ll learn what one of the top minds in the end user computing space thinks about the future of Workspace. Is your Workspace ready for 2020 and beyond? Join the must-attend session to be ready!

1210 BRT // 1110 EDT Parallels – How Parallels RAS works in Multi Cloud Environments

In this session we will explain how Parallels RAS can be deployed in multiple clouds with very little efforts and leverage auto-scaling capabilities to optimize resource and costs. The flexible and scalable architecture of Parallels RAS enables organizations to quickly adapt to continuous workplace changes and demands for new applications or desktop types.

1230 BRT // 1130 EDT Martin Therkelsen – Azure Infrastructure as Code

In this session, I will show you how I can deploy a complete Azure setup with multiple subnets, network security groups, virtual machines and an Active Directory from scratch. I will not be making any modifications to the virtual machines using GUI, but only code that is in source control. The technique used in this session can work just as well on any cloud or on-premises environment.

1320 BRT // 1220 EDT ControlUp – What’s New from ControlUp

In this session, Yoni Avital, COO at ControlUp, will share ControlUp’s latest news and solution deliveries, including an update on customer’s scalability improvements with v8.1. New feature highlights for v8.1.5, IGEL integration news, the latest (and greatest) scripts and automations and a real-world update on how IT organizations are leveraging VDI to support employees working from home due to COVID-19-driven corporate edicts.

1340 BRT // 1240 EDT Guy Leech – Top 10 PowerShell Commands for Troubleshooting

See the top 10 PowerShell commands that Guy Leech uses in his day to day Windows troubleshooting, for many different customers, which will save you time by getting to the root of the problem much quicker than by manual methods. Lots of real world demos. Speaker Deck.

1430 BRT // 1330 EDT Automai – Going Beyond “Login Time” — Monitor ALL Aspects of your Application’s Performance

To be aware of problems as they arrive and able to resolve them before users are affected is the key to ensuring optimal performance of your applications. I will discuss how to proactively monitor the performance of all your applications from the user standpoint: In a multi-step process know exactly where the slow points are. Easily monitor the response time of each transaction of the application scenario Be alerted when a transaction fails. This Robotic front end approach to monitoring eliminates coding and you will get actual screenshots when failures occur. It also enables application-neutral monitoring of your business processes. See how this will integrate with other tools to optimize your view and control of your applications in your ever-changing live environment.

1450 BRT // 1350 EDT Steve Elgan – Citrix SDWAN – A Customer Perspective

In this session, Steve will share lessons learned from implementing Citrix SDWAN at OneWorld Community Health Centers and how the technology has helped his team improve the user experience.

1540 BRT // 1440 EDT VMware – VMware EUC in 2020, what’s really going on?

Before joining VMware, Brian was considering a position with one of the big cloud providers (AWS, Microsoft, and Google), and it was a chance encounter with VMware EUC CTO Shawn Bass that resulted with him at VMware. As the author of The VDI Delusion, many people were surprised that Brian chose VMware, and now that he’s been there for over two years, even more people are surprised that he hasn’t left! 🙂 In this talk, Brian will share what VMware EUC is doing today, in production, in the real world. From multiple 100,000+ user VDI environments to massive Windows 10 physical laptop deployments managed completely via the cloud (without SCCM or Intune), this is not the same VMware of The VDI Delusion days!

1600 BRT // 1500 EDT Trentent Tye – Technical Deep Dive into ControlUp Automation

ControlUp’s automation solution is a powerful platform to help improve your environment – whether by augmenting troubleshooting information, reducing resource consumption, or automatically correcting anomalies. But how does it work? Join this session for a technical deep dive on how ControlUp’s automation platform works.

1650 BRT // 1550 EDT PolicyPak – You Gotta Try This

See what Carl Webster, Citrix CTP means when he says “You owe it to yourself to look at PolicyPak Software!” 20 minutes isn’t enough, but during this demo you’ll see how to manage all your Applications, Desktop, Browser, Java, and Security Settings. Works with Citrix, desktops, laptops, VDI.. anything Windows! No infrastructure, and up and running in 5 minutes. Don’t miss this session. Presentation by Jeremy Moskowitz, PolicyPak CTO and Microsoft Group Policy & Management MVP.

1710 BRT // 1610 EDT Eduardo Molina – EUC in Cloud World and How it can help with BCP

With recent worldwide events like weather events, natural disasters and diseases Business Continuity Plans has become of significant important. Let’s review current significant options available to us, what recent feature changes they have and how they can help to not only create a BCP but actually to implement it.

1800 BRT // 1700 EDT Goliath Technologies – How to Prove Citrix Isn’t the Root Cause of End-User Slowness Complaints

Learn how to leverage real-time analytics and historical reports to foster data-driven conversations to prove Citrix is not to blame for end-user slowness complaints. We will help correlate metrics within the ICA channels to bring clarity on how to isolate the root cause of performance issues that are outside of your Citrix environment.

1820 BRT // 1720 EDT Mike Nelson – Kicking the Tires of Azure Arc

Microsoft has crossed the multi-cloud on-prem, hybrid, and public cloud management barriers with an offering announced at last years Ignite conference called Azure Arc. This new solution extends Azure Resource Manager to proactively manage, scale, and deploy distributed workloads, servers, and containers from a single management point in Azure. We will take a look at what Arc is and the preview offerings today, how it works with servers, and run through some demo’s using various scenarios and examples. Join me to take the new Azure Arc for a test drive!