0810 BRT // 0710 EDT LoginVSI – Windows 10 – Performance tuning for Citrix virtual Apps and Desktops

Learn how to successfully performance tune Citrix XenApp / XenDesktop environments for better user experience, improved scalability and predictable impact of changes e.g. a new Windows 10 build, or an infrastructure update from Citrix. In this interactive session we’ll show what we’ve learned doing performance research in our labs.

0830 BRT // 0730 EDT Jim Moyle – Windows Virtual Desktop and what you need to know

We’ll take you through the new Microsoft DaaS offering, what the features are, what it’s missing and how it integrates with other vendors.

You’ll learn how WVD is licensed, architected, costed and accessed in this all you need to know session.

Learn all you need to know from Microsoft’s own WvD expert.

0925 BRT // 0825 EDT Parallels – Irons out the complexity of application delivery and VDI with Parallels RAS

Join our demo to learn how Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) delivers applications and desktops securely to any device, while reducing IT complexity and cutting costs. We will demonstrate how you can install, configure and maintain the Parallels RAS farm using our configuration wizard or PowerShell API. In addition, we’ll show you how to easily migrate away from Citrix XenApp 6.x with our free Migration tool. We almost forgot, if you are you moving to the cloud, we have a few more good news! Parallels RAS supports other deployment approaches like Microsoft Azure and AWS.

0945 BRT // 0845 EDT Dave Brett – Multi-Site (Recommended) Practices

In this session we will cover how to deliver a Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops environment in a multi datacenter environment. We will cover off some of the common mistakes people make as well as some of the design decisions that need to be undertaken to deploy a successful multi-site deployment.

1040 BRT // 0940 EDT eG Innovations – How Synthetic Monitoring Can Help Citrix Admins Go From Reactive to Being Proactive

One of the biggest pains in the life of a Citrix administrator is being called to troubleshoot a problem after it has occurred and end users are impacted. Every minute taken to diagnose the cause of the problem and to resolve it costs your organization dearly – lost productivity, reduced user satisfaction and increased operations costs.

What if you can know in advance that a potential problem is going to affect end users – slow logon, slow app launch, backend application issues, etc.?

Join this 20-minute session by eG Innovations CEO, Srinivas Ramanathan, where he will explain how synthetic monitoring can transform your Citrix operations from reactive to proactive. You will also learn different use cases and benefits of synthetic monitoring and how to use simulation to solve issues before they become user-impacting.

1100 BRT // 1000 EDT Anton van Pelt & Patrick van den Born – Hosting your Citrix stack on Microsoft Azure

Anton and Patrick designed and build a customer environment where the Citrix stack was completely deployed on Azure. This stack includes Citrix XenDesktop backend, Citrix Smart Scale, Citrix VDI-desktops, Citrix Session Shared Desktops and Citrix ADC all on Azure only. During this session we will share all the details of this deployment and the knowledge we’ve gained about the Azure specific configuration and issues.

Topics also covered in this session: Machine Creation Services, Citrix ADC (NetScaler) deployment, Sizing and Costs.

1215 BRT // 1115 PolicyPak – You Gotta Try This

See what Carl Webster, Citrix CTP means when he says “You owe it to yourself to look at PolicyPak Software!” 20 minutes isn’t enough, but during this demo you’ll see how to manage all your Applications, Desktop, Browser, Java, and Security Settings. Works with Citrix, desktops, laptops, VDI.. anything Windows! No infrastructure, and up and running in 5 minutes. Don’t miss this session. Presentation by Jeremy Moskowitz, PolicyPak CTO and Microsoft Group Policy & Management MVP.

1235 BRT // 1135 EDT Claudio Rodrigues – The Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Bullshit






After all these years listening to the doomsday fanboys that every year would be the year of VDI, people got tired of that joke. Knowing the EUC industry likes a good joke, Microsoft had to come up with something.

We will briefly discuss all that we know so far about Windows Virtual Desktops and how that may affect your EUC plans moving forward.

1330 BRT // 1230 EDT Liquidware






Distributing applications through constant base image management can be time consuming and frustrating. You may have tried application layering in an attempt to solve this challenge, but have you tried the industry-leading innovations in the Liquidware FlexApp Layering solution? FlexApp Layering overcomes the challenges of layering by focusing on applications first. Learn how you can quickly package an application once and enjoy true elastic layering across OS versions. Attendees will also see FlexApp’s exclusive Click-to-Layer on-demand layering in action and learn how to hot-add an application to Citrix Virtual Apps (XenApp) without a server reboot!

1350 BRT // 1250 EDT James Rankin – Windows Virtual Desktop – what does this mean for Citrix?






Windows Virtual Desktop is Microsoft’s new Azure-based offering. What do we know about it, what will it look like, what will it cost – these are all questions we want answering, but the most pertinent is…what exactly does this mean for Citrix? Is WVD going to see Citrix offering added value to Microsoft’s new service, or are Microsoft trying to eat Citrix’s lunch?

1445 BRT // 1345 EDT ControlUp






ControlUp is known for VDI realtime performance monitoring, quick and effective contextual troubleshooting and remediation.

With Controlup 7.4 we are adding the long awaited automation capabilities to the platform enabling dynamic optimization of user experience. Yoni Avital, ControlUp COO and co-founder will show you an exclusive live demo of new ControlUp 7.4 and ControlUp Insights exciting features and capabilities

1505 BRT // 1405 EDT Nicolas Ignoito – The State of Citrix Cloud – April ’19 Edition






Explore how Citrix Cloud can help you in a lot of different deployments whether you are committed or not to the Cloud. In this session, Nicolas will share his experience with Citrix Cloud. You will also learn about features that are available in Citrix Cloud, as well as those that are upcoming (and some missing).

This session will hopefully help ease some of the pain and confusion for those who want to get started with Citrix Cloud. Learn about Citrix Cloud and its components. This session is an overview of Citrix Cloud including:

  • What is Citrix Cloud?
  • How to use Citrix Cloud
  • Features for Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and Google Cloud [April 2019]
  • 5 types of customers using Citrix Cloud
    Pros & Cons
  • What’s coming soon to Citrix Cloud

1600 BRT // 1500 EDT Master Packager–  20 life hacks of the Application Packaging in 20 minutes






Do you believe you know a lot about Application Packaging?

Working years in the packaging industry and creating thousands of different difficulty applications for hundreds of customers we have gained a quite a “package” of knowledge.

Experienced or new in the application packaging ,you’ll find at least one of the 20 tips and tricks to take with you.

1620 BRT // 1520 EDT Paul Stansel – Citrix Cloud Migrations: Successes and Challenges






After migrating dozens of customers from traditional on prem deployments of virtual apps and desktops to Citrix Cloud, there are some clear areas for easy wins and some definite challenges that we face for the migration process. Whether it’s traffic routing, hosting decisions, or just moving large and complex implementations to the Cloud Control Plane there are decisions that need to be made early for a successful transition. I will be going through these challenges, some proper design decisions, and tooling to help you on your Cloud Migration journey.

1715 BRT // 1615 EDT 10 Issues uberAgent helps identify in minutes






uberAgent collects so many high-quality metrics that the hardest decision may be which one is the most useful. In this session, Helge Klein picked the top 10 issues seen in the field and shows how to pinpoint each one of them in minutes with uberAgent.

1735 BRT // 1635 EDT DJ Eshelman – Have you ever wondered what those Citrix consultants know that you don’t? What are their secrets?






I have served as an ad-hoc resource for Citrix Consulting and several Platinum-level partners as well as running my own consulting operation specializing in Citrix exclusively. As you can imagine, I have seen a lot during my assessments and projects over the last 10 or so years!

I’ve parsed well over 350 individual recommendations over the past 2 years. Sorted. Parsed. And I’m going to reveal to you the worst offenders… The 12 most repeatedly made recommendations.

We’ll cover Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (XenDesktop) as well as Citrix ADC / NetScaler as well as some problems I keep seeing in Active Directory, storage and hypervisors that should be addressed.

You’ll come away from this session with a list of things to check in your environments and on your next health check.

Download Workbook

1820 BRT // 1720 EDT CloudJumper – Get a Jumpstart on WvD and an overview of the CloudWorkspace Management Suite!






In this session CloudJumper CTO Drew Walz will explain the CloudJumper CloudWorkspace architecture and showcase the CloudWorkspace Management Suite. From Scripted Events, to Workload Scheduling, learn how easy CWMS makes it for users to manage their Desktop Virtualization Platform in Public, Private or True Hybrid clouds.

1840 BRT // 1740 EDT Ryan Butler – Devops for Desktops






Chances are you have heard the buzzwords continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) but assumed it’s only for application development. In this session I cover what it takes to look at gold image creation from an application deployment pipeline perspective and how these concepts translate to image management. I cover the basic concepts of CI/CD and tooling available to streamline the normal day to day image management along with Windows 10 lifecycle.