0810 xenapptraining – What’s New in Automation Framework 3.4

0825 Helge Klein & Aaron Parker – Improving XenApp and XenDesktop Experience with GPUs

Out of the box Windows is lightning fast and responsive. Enterprise desktops, on the other hand, tend to be slow and bloated. Why is that?

Enterprises typically add a plethora of third-party management, security and virtualization components and implement “best practices”. Combined, these customization’s often bog Windows down and impact user experience. But what is the impact of each change?

In this session renowned experts Aaron Parker and Helge Klein “enterprisify” a clean install of Windows, measuring and explaining the impact of each configuration change on the user experience. In this session you will learn: Which configuration changes have the greatest impact on logon duration, How to build systems that are easy to manage and great to use & Common mistakes and how to avoid them.

0945 Dave Brett – The Dark Art of Global Server Load Balancing and High Availability

Citrix have made standing up an environment pretty easy these days, wizard driven installs and single box deployments make going from zero to a working deployment fast and simple.

What about failures and High Availability? In this session I will walk you through using NetScaler 11.1 to provide not only local redundancy using Load Balanced vServers but multi-site redundancy using NetScaler Global Server Load Balancing. Starting with what GSLB is, the available deployment methods to setting up and testing a deployment. This session should give you the ability to gain the understanding you need to put highly available Citrix (and indeed any) Infrastructure into your environment.

1045 ControlUp – How to Monitor, Optimize, and Benchmark Your End-User Experience with ControlUp

1100 Eduardo Molina – Citrix Lifecycle Management, How to use it, tips and tricks

Lifecycle manager is now a 1 year old Citrix tool. In this short time the tool has seen a lot of development, refinement and has become a very powerful tool that can save administrators a lot of time. In this session, we will describe the different components of CLM, we will review and demo the architecture and features like deployments, monitoring, upgrade and smart scale. We will review real world experiences so you can get your environment deployed in the shortest time possible. We will also review the requisites to deploy environments to AWS and to on premises.

1215 Liquidware Labs – Application Layering and User Environment Management – Why they are Inseparable

Application Layering is all the rage but without proper User Environment Management there are gaping holes in your application delivery strategy.  With features such as application settings portability, application rights management and “Run as Admin” registry edits, User Environment Management solutions are great complements to Application Layering. Learn how Application Layering and User Environment Management solutions work together to dramatically lower base image management needs. We’ll also review real-world customer use cases of these technologies working together, including Unidesk with ProfileUnity UEM, AppSense with FlexApp Layering, and ProfileUnity UEM with FlexApp Layering.

1230 Rob Beekmans & Hayscen de Lannoy – Tools of the Trade – Your Toolbox in EUC

Consultants and administrators working in End User Computing faces situations in which they need tooling to understand issues or configure environments. To make sure your days are not filled with searching the Internet for the right tool we have created a list of must-have-tools.

In this session Hayscen de Lannoy and Rob Beekmans, both Sr. Consultants at PQR, will work through a selection of tools and show in short demo’s how they can help you in projects. Tools shown are not limited to either Citrix, VMware or Microsoft but are to be used with every solution in the market. Listen and learn and be prepared for your next project or challenge presented. The tools presented and discussed in the session will be available afterwards on robbeekmans.net with download links.

1330 Unidesk – Layering for XenApp and XenDesktop –  Breakthrough App & Image Management

In this session, Ron will show how Unidesk delivers apps at login to XenApp published desktops and XenDesktop VDI, enabling you to deliver all of your apps without silos. He’ll also show how Unidesk Layered Images and integration with PVS/MCS eliminates image management, so you only have to patch and update a single copy of any OS and application. Ron will end by showing how the same app layers can be delivered to any hypervisor or Azure without re-packaging, making it easy to switch platforms or leverage the cloud to reduce costs. Don’t miss the chance to see the product that won Best of Citrix Synergy and Best of VMworld awards this year!

1345 Mike Nelson – Microsoft NanoServer [ Install – Config – Manage ]

Say Hello to the new Microsoft Windows 2016 “Mini-Me” OS called NanoServer! In this session, Mike Nelson, Microsoft MVP & Citrix CTP, will cover the basics of NanoServer in just a few slides, and then it’s on to the demo’s! I have to warn you, with only a short presentation window of time given, we will be moving fast!

We will tackle the easy creation and installation of NanoServer on a virtual platform as well as in Azure, and then move right into some post image configuration options. From there, we will move to management of NanoServer, including the different ways to access NanoServer. We’ll include updating and patching, and if time still permits, we’ll even install some applications. Join this session and see it all in fast action!

1445 AppEnsure – Enhance Real End-User Experience

1500 Carl Webster – (re)Building Your Active Directory

Your users, admins, and management are complaining about your Active Directory. Expert Carl Webster will address the following problems: An inconsistent user experience, Out of control or unreliable group policies & Painful admin experience due to unmanageable AD design and group policy design.

Or in a worst case, your company does not own their root domain name and it must be renamed! How do you get out of these messes?

By attending this session, you’ll find information on: What to do when you don’t own the root AD domain name, Options for (re)designing your AD, How all the pieces and parts of AD work together, Options for (re)designing specific Organizational Unit trees & What to do when Group Policy is out of control.

Session Takeaway: You’ll see that there is a way out of your AD and GPO messes, learn design decisions and find out how all the pieces of AD interact.

1600 Goliath Technologies – Proactively Troubleshoot & Resolve Citrix End User Experience Issues

End user experience issues present an everyday battle to Citrix administrators. Many of the toughest challenges relate to logon initiation, logon duration, and session performance. In this session, Lee Gitzes will present a technical overview of Goliath Technologies’ solutions, and how they are uniquely focused on resolving the most pervasive issues found in Citrix deployments. He will demonstrate how Goliath’s out-of-the box capabilities allow it to simulate logons, analyze the thirty-three stages of the logon process, and how it analyzes and isolates each of the ICA/HDX channels on a user-by-user basis. Lee will also discuss how to leverage imbedded intelligence within the technology, and how to combine it with automated alerting and self-healing functionality to proactively address common issues before they become widespread.

1615 Marius Sandbu – Access and Authentication Methods to Citrix

In this session Marius will talk and show different forms of access and authentication methods in a Citrix enviroment. For instance how to leverage the latest federated authentication service in XenDesktop 7.9, how to integrate Windows 10 with Azure Active Diretory and ADFS to provide SSO, how to use AlwaysON VPN to provide easy access for mobile users. Also talk about the latest Citrix cloud feature NetScaler Gateway Service and how to use that to easy provide access to a Citrix enviroment and more!

1700 Shane Kleinert – Get the Skinny on Azure AD

Kick back and tune in, it’s time to get the “Skinny” (important details) around Azure AD!.Active Directory (AD) is the heart of most SMB and Enterprise organizations across the globe.  At some point, you have somehow interacted with AD, whether its building out new Domains, Organizational Unit’s, Group Policies, Users, Groups, or even as simple as joining a machine to a domain.

A few years back Microsoft launched Azure AD, a multi-tenant Active Directory Identity service hosted on Azure. Most recently Azure AD Domain Services entered tech preview extending the AD services offering. You might not know it, but if your organization is using Office 365 you technically are already using a form of Azure AD!  As organizations start to move towards the hybrid world with resources split between on-prem and the public cloud, Azure AD is becoming a hot topic. What concepts of Azure AD fit into the EUC world? FAQ such as:

  • Can I build Organization Units in Azure AD?
  • Can I join my Workstation/Server to my Azure AD domain?
  • Can I provide authentication for my win32 applications?
  • Can I extend my existing AD domain to Azure?
  • What about GPOs? Will my current GPOS work?
  • What are the common use case/scenarios?
  • Should I federate, integrate or build net new!?