Trond Eirik Haavarstein aka Eric has been working with both Citrix and Microsoft products since 1999.  Based in Stavanger, Norway, he is known to customers, companies, and individuals around the world for, which shares his real world experience with Citrix & Microsoft products.  The blog offers a wide range of helpful tools as well as advice, opinions, and information.

He operates under the motto “It’s all about applications and virtualization”, and his website certainly serves to display this.  Haavarstein takes great pride in always striving to both design and implement the very best virtualization solution based on the requests, requirements, and needs of each individual customer.  This has certainly helped him in developing a global reputation. Currently he works as a Citrix Team Leader with ErgoGroup.

Haavarstein is a Citrix Certified Enterprise Engineer (CCEE) for Virtualization as well as a Microsoft Certified Trainer and a Citrix Certified Instructor.  He is an author, a blogger, and a speaker and has made an outstanding name for himself by sharing his personal experiences as well as for offering practical instruction and advice via his website.

He is also a Citrix Community Guest Blogger, board member of the Microsoft User Group Norway and has been a speaker at numerous Citrix User Group Norway events as well.

When not working, Trond Eirik enjoys both kite surfing and sailing.  He has lived in Venezuela as well as Colombia and has sailed around the Caribbean one and a half times.  He spent two years circumnavigating the Caribbean in his private sailboat from 2005-2007 and prides himself on a passion for travel.